Epcot, Disneyworld: Tokyo Dining Restaurant!

This video features Tokyo Dining restaurant in Epcot, Disneyworld, here in Orlando, Florida.

The main reasons you’ll want to eat here are for the fireworks and to enjoy the rest and relaxation that comes from being pampered and served in a fine dining type environment.

The food is good, though I won’t say it’s “great.” Living in Orlando, I’ve eaten downtown and I dare say they have the best Japanese food in town there among the business sector. (visit amura.com if you’ll be visiting downtown) That being said, this Japanese food isn’t bad. It’s just not “as good,” in my opinion as downtown Orlando’s offerings. However, it’s still very enjoyable if Japanese food is what you’re in the mood for or again, if you just want good food, good service, good fireworks show, etc.
*Disney services is always top rate. So expect that.
However, if you don’t have the extra money to spoil yourself with for the fine dining experience, I think you’ll be VERY pleased with the Japanese quick service pavilion located above the koi fish pond just nearby. It has a much more reasonable price tag and the food is just as good as the food in the fine dining restaurant of “Tokyo Dining.”
My favorite Japanese dish is the Miso Soup. It’s not very filling, so you’ll definitely want to order sushi or the teriyaki chicken or other.

For more information about the restaurant such as menu and prices, visit:

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